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Timber import

In 1900 Felix Lefevere starts his own workshop of what will later become a wholesale and timber import company. More than a century later Timber Lefevere is specialised in kiln dried square edged sapwood free Oak.

Satisfied customers throughout Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK find their way to timber import Lefevere for premium quality hardwoods but mainly Oak.

PEFC and FSC certified

Oak is probably the most famous european hardwood as it has a lot of qualities such as easy to work, strong and it is longlasting.

Moreover, the fact that we exist thanks to timber import is makes us acknowledge environmental issues. Therefore timber Lefevere is a PEFC and FSC certified timber importer and embraces wise harvesting of nature’s products.

Large inventory of kiln dried Oak

We can offer a large inventory of kiln dried Oak in various thicknesses:

  • 20mm / 27mm / 34mm / 41mm / 52mm / 65mm / 80mm

and qualities (only sapwood free):

  • A Grade (= QF1a, defectfree)
  • B Grade (= QF1b, very limited small sound knots (max 10mm diameter) allowed)
  • 2 Grade (= QF2, small sound knots (max diameter 20mm) allowed)
  • Character Grade (= Pippy Oak)

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Our skilled team of craftsmen, people with more than 30 years of experience in the timber import business as well as young dynamic people, guarantees quality and swift deliveries at competitive prices. Contact our sales team for more information.

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