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Rubberwood or Hévéa Brasiliensis is the timber from the Rubber tree (or Hévéa tree). The Rubberwood tree, originally from South America, nowadays is a plantation tree appearing a lot in Southeast Asia.

After 5 years the young Rubberwood trees are ready for latex harvesting. During approximately 25 years latex, the most important raw material for the production of rubber, is tapped from the Rubberwood tree.

Until the late 1980's the wood of the Rubberwood tree, after having served its purpose as latex producer, was simply burnt as fuel wood.

Relatively recently it was discovered that the timber after being pressure treated before kiln drying was resistant to decay.

This means that Rubberwood is now often used for the manufacturing of furniture, worktops, toys, engineered flooring, butcher blocks, stairs, ...

Advantages of rubberwood

Timber Lefevere Rubberwood panels offer following advantages:

  • Colour: the light and uniform colour allow the panels to have a transparant finishing emphasising the all natural character of the product.
  • Stability: thanks to the many lamels fingerjointed, Rubberwood panels have no tendency to shrink or warp and are very stable.
  • Ecologically:
    • Plantation wood= no deforestation
    • Rubberwood= byproduct of latex production
    • Independent plantation owners= social dimension
  • Price: the solid Rubberwood fingerjointed panels from Lefevere are available at very competitive prices.

Available in following dimensions

Timber Lefevere regularly delivers to UK based customers.

Solid Fingerjointed Rubberwood Panels are available in following dimensions (individually wrapping possible):

  • 18 x 1100 x 4500
  • 22 x 1100 x 4500
  • 33 x 1100 x 4500
  • 44 x 1100 x 4500
  • 40 x 650 x 4500

And are most commonly used for:

  • furniture
  • stairs
  • worktops
  • tabletops
  • toys
  • ...


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